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The Christmas Balls Trilogy

Christmas Balls - Points & Colors :Cocoa and Madagascar Dark Chocolate Biscuit  Dark Chocolate Ganache Venezuela  Force 8 Dark Chocolate Creamy with a hint of Fleur de Sel de Guérande Milky blanket shell (Maison Le Roux mix)  Christmas Ball - Waves & Rosée : Signature Dark Chocolate...


Cocoa Marshmallows - 250g

Below a craking chocolate coating, a tender and melty cocoa marshmallow heart unveils itself. Preservation: 2 months


DUO Chocolates & Mendiants Box Set - 280g

A gourmet duo! In the DUO box set, you will find 130 g of dark or assorted dark or assorted dark/milk chocolates and 150 g of Mendiants, a delicate marriage between dark chocolate and dried fruits: hazelnut, pistachio, dried grape and dried apricot.Choose your assortment from the list below!...


The Jams - 250g

The caramels found their jam! The delicious flavour of our caramels in a delicate and onctuous jam! Home-made in Quiberon by La Cour d’Orgères.Here are the flavours available: Orange Ginger, Raspberry, Blackcurrant, Diable Rose (banana, passion fruit and rasperry), Tatin (apple and caramel) and...


Menhir Christmas Tree & Colors Black - Large Model

The Menhir Le Roux is dressed in its glittering light suit with natural and vegetal colors, like an original Breton tree. A unique creation of our chocolate makers for each tree. Majestic, its chocolate is a dark and milky cover of the subtle blend of the original recipe of Mr. Le Roux. Once...


DUO Chocolates & Caramels Box Set - 280g

A gourmet duo! In the DUO box set, you will find 130 g of dark or assorted dark or assorted dark/milk chocolates and 150 g of assorted C.B.S.® caramels.Choose your assortment from the list below! Preservation: chocolates 3 weeks, caramels 4 weeks


Caramel & Chocolate Spread

THE CARAMELIER ® A soft caramel spread full of tenderness and sweetness created in 2002. Preservation: 6 weeks THE BONSONCOEUR ® A fine chocolate spread whose harmony results from a delicate dosage of the chocolate, dough of hazelnut, flower of salt of Guérande and from the brown sugar....


The Christmas log

The Le Roux log is unveiled as an imaginary tree with stylized curves created by David Wesmaël, Meilleur Ouvrier de France. It's an aromatic experience with the Le Roux signature, fine and racy. The Grand Gru Sao Tomé Dark Chocolate ganache is nestled on a real Breton shortbread, enhanced by the...


Les Botanistes Box Set - 160g - Collection Les Nomades

​A set with aromatic aromas: Wild Anise Seed, Café Sigri, Coriander, Cinnamon, Clove and Badiane... Our new chocolates with autumn flavours: Anatoli, Papouasie, Christine and Quatre Épices. Assortment of the set: . Anatoli: Crispy praline with wild anise seeds, shortbread crumbs and lemon peel ....


C.B.S® Bag - 200g

A caramel which challenges the time since its creation in 1977. A pleasant association of Breton salted butter for the softness, Valencia almonds for the character, hazelnuts of Piemont for subtle crisp and walnut from Dauphiné for the unctuousness. Enjoy a moment of tenderness with no equal...


Gourmet Table Center

A generous Centerpiece for 12 guests, filled with Maison Le Roux delicacies to share and enjoy. Dark Chocolate outer coating, Force 8. The inside is a layer of Praliné à l'Ancienne, an Almond and Hazelnut Crunch, and roasted and caramelized dried fruits.  Toppings - 5 specialties of the Maison Le...