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The Glazed Chestnuts

For the perfection of it … Everything has to be softly made: after a peeling by hand, the big "Turin" of Piemont are delicately candied in a syrup flavored in Bourbon vanilla pods, before being drained then glazed. The trick is to have been able to keep the tenderness of the chestnut by adding...


Box 40 years of the C.B.S®

An assortment of the emblematic chocolates of Maison Le Roux and the famous C.B.S® Salted Butter Toffees


Caramel & Chocolate Spread

THE CARAMELIER ® A soft caramel spread full of tenderness and sweetness created in 2002. Preservation: 6 weeks THE BONSONCOEUR ® A fine chocolate spread whose harmony results from a delicate dosage of the chocolate, dough of hazelnut, flower of salt of Guérande and from the brown sugar....


Spice Road Box

As part of the Spice Road, discover our box of 5 new products.  A comforting selection of chocolate candies with spicy flavors, each bite will awaken all your senses.


The Discovery Box

Allow yourself to be carried away by the flavours, sweet, full-bodied or deliciously bitter, of our chocolates, by the everlasting smoothness of C.B.S. or the delicacy of Bonsoncoeur. The Discovery Box contents: 250g CBS 375g Assorted Chocolates 1x360g Caramélier 1x340g Bonsoncoeur Preservation:...


The Jams

The caramels found their jam! The delicious flavour of our caramels in a delicate and onctuous jam! Home-made in Quiberon by La Cour d’Orgères.Here are the flavours available: Orange Ginger, Raspberry, Blackcurrant, Diable Rose (banana, passion fruit and rasperry), Tatin (apple and caramel) and...


See you next year - 2021

See you next year! Maybe there are some left in the store... (Paris & Quiberon)The Advent Calendar tells the story of our Breton roots. A naive illustration of the historic Quiberon boutique in warm, shimmering colors. Each drawer walks towards softness with a treat to chew on. Enough to...


3 Pleasures Luxury Box

Elegant and chic - discover the best of Henri Le Roux' in this prestigious present which contains: 250g Assorted dark/milk chocolate, 12 glazed chestnuts and 350g of CBS® (salted butter caramel). Preservation: chocolates and glazed chestnuts 3 weeks, caramels 4 weeks


Christmas Spice Toffees

A toffee with festive and comforting flavors.  A myriad of spices: coriander, cinnamon, ginger, clove, star anise and candied orange.

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Gourmet Pearls

Indulge yourself to a gourmet break with these deliciously gourmet pearls. Which ones will you fall for?

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Triple Pleasure Box

Multiply your pleasure by three! The strength of the chocolate, the softness of the caramels, the fondant of glazed chestnuts, three excellent reasons to triple your pleasure... TRIPLE PLEASURE : 375g Chocolates + 250g CBS + 375g Glazed chestnuts


Christmas Crackers

For the end of the year, Maison Le Roux offers you its "Cracker", a magnificent red and gold candy-shaped case. Hidden inside is a very tasty assortment of sweets. A surprise wrapper to place at the foot of the tree or on your festive table!

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