The present general conditions of sale apply to orders made by customers on the MAISON LE ROUX® Chocolatier Caramélier® website for the products advertised on the URL You must read the terms and conitions prior to proceed to payment.

Article 1 - Objectives

These general conditions constitute a mail order contract defining the rights and obligations of the seller and the customer within the framework of selling the products listed on the website.

Article 2 - Ordering

The customer will make his order in accordance with the conditions given on the website. He undertakes to fill in the order form properly making sure he gives the necessary, complete and exact information.
The customer declares he is able to conclude the present contract, the conditions of which are to be found below, i.e. he is an adult, and is not under guardianship of any kind.
Orders are only accepted after payment of the sum corresponding to the amount on the order has been authorised.
When the "Accept and proceed to payment" key is pressed, the order is considered irrevocable and cannot be questioned.

SARL Le Roux® reserves the right to refuse an order if the customer has not met his obligations, and, more generally, to refuse all orders, which seem to be out of the ordinary for any reason. The order is only definite after confirmation by e-mail from SARL Le Roux®.

Article 3 - Presentation of products

The goods presented on the boutique’s website cannot be modified either in their composition or presentation.
The texts and photographs illustrating the products do not form part of the contract. All the photographs and objects in this catalogue act as a guideline on serving suggestions.

Article 4 - Price of products and payments

The price list (in Euros) applicable to products ordered is the one shown on the website on the day of the order. Postage and packing costs, which vary according to weight and destination, are additional.

Payment can be made by secure credit card payment: When you click on your chosen card, you will enter the high security domain of BNP PARIBAS Mercanet Bank. It is then as if you were paying for your purchase in our shop. By safety measure a photocopy of your bank card can be required. Or by cheque or wire transfer. The order will be shipped a soon as payment is received.

Article 5 - Despatch and delivery times

Orders are despatched within 4 days, except in December when delivery will take longer. Orders are sent on Tuesdays to Thursdays inclusive; our perishable products are not in transit over the weekend.

Our sendings are made in Rapid or Express mode.
Le Roux Chocolatier Caramélier® is a small company, and as delivery times are longer over the Christmas and New Year period, please order :
For Christmas, by 10th December at the latest,
For January 1st, by 20th December at the latest.
We cannot be held responsible for any delay or deterioration of goods during delivery :

  • On Bank Holidays in France and other countries
  • If the addressee is absent when the parcel is delivered
  • If the parcel is sent to a hot country

For reasons beyond our control, such as if carrier is late in delivering, if there is a major disaster or accident, and generally any event impeding delivery of our orders. In the case of damage or non-delivery it is up to the addressee to make all the necessary complaints to the carrier and he must confirm these complaints by a recorded delivery letter within two days of receiving the goods.

Article 6 - Right of Cancellation, replacement and reimbursement

The 14-days right of cancellation can't be applied to perishable goods. No returns, reimbursement, or replacement will be accepted. The customer has no comeback over the taste, freshness and appearance of the products.

Article 7 - Confidentiality of data

Conforming to articles 26 and 27 of the law nº. 78-17 of 6th January 1978 "Informatiques et libertés" (Freedom of Information) the information required from the customer is necessary to process their order and are destined for SARL LE ROUX®. The customer has the right of access to the information concerning him. On request, they can be communicated to him and, in case of error or modification, can be rectified.

Article 8 - Obligations of the customer

Orders must be for personal use only. Resale of our products is strictly forbidden.

Article 9 - Miscellaneous

The present general conditions constitute the totality of the rights and obligations of the parties, no other conditions can be added to these.
Should there be any possible dispute between the parties as to formation, fulfilment or the interpretation of the present contract, in the absence of a previous out-of-court settlement, the only competent courts to deal with any dispute are the courts in Lorient, France.

Article 10 - Intellectual property

On connection to the website on which SARL Le Roux is the owner of a licence for use, and has ownership rights over the graphics, the customer is forbidden to copy or download all or part of its contents, except with previous and formal authorisation by SARL Le Roux®.