Mini-menhirs - Les Classiques

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An exclusive creation by Maison Le Roux. Delicious bites of chocolate in the shape of menhirs. The specific selection of colour, texture and taste for each mini-menhir invites us to escape to some mysterious and faraway countries.

Assortment of 7 delicious bites of chocolate in the shape of menhirs :

1. Hazelnut Almond Black Praline
Origin: Piedmont Hazelnut, Almond of Provence
The bitterness of Cacao played in counterpoint by the sweetness of Praline à l'Ancienne
2. Salted Butter Caramel and Vanilla
Origin: GuérandeSalt, Madagascar Vanilla
A vanilla running caramel, enhanced by the Fleur de SelfromGuerande, Brittany
3. Praline Milk with Crepe Feuillantine
Origin: Piedmont Hazelnut
The crumbled taste of the childhood melting under the palate as a comforting four o'clock snack
4. Milk Praline and Pistachio
Source: Iran
An intense and generous Pistachio that invites you to some exotic destination
5. Milk Ganache
Passion Fruits
Origin: Ecuador
A juicy and fruity texture like an Indian summer when the sun sets on a blushing sea
6. Black Praline with Coconut
Origin: Sri Lanka
The harmony of paradise lost like a beach with these nonchalant scents of Coconut ice cream.
7. Black Praline with Roasted Sesame
Origin: Japan
Noble and mysterious declination…

Weight: 207g


Mini-menhirs - Les Classiques