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Box 40 years of the C.B.S®

An assortment of the emblematic chocolates of Maison Le Roux and the famous C.B.S® Salted Butter Toffees


See you next year - 2021

See you next year! Maybe there are some left in the store... (Paris & Quiberon)The Advent Calendar tells the story of our Breton roots. A naive illustration of the historic Quiberon boutique in warm, shimmering colors. Each drawer walks towards softness with a treat to chew on. Enough to...


Spice Road Box

As part of the Spice Road, discover our box of 5 new products.  A comforting selection of chocolate candies with spicy flavors, each bite will awaken all your senses.


DUO Chocolates & Caramels Box Set

A gourmet duo! In the DUO box set, you will find 130 g of dark or assorted dark or assorted dark/milk chocolates and 150 g of assorted C.B.S.® caramels.Choose your assortment from the list below! Preservation: chocolates 3 weeks, caramels 4 weeks


Chocolate Set small size

Pralinés, ganaches, marzipan, caramels and nougatines… The subtlety and savour of new and classical pairings...  Set of 23 chocolates Dark chocolate, milk chocolate or assorted chocolates Preservation: 3 weeks


Traditional size Chocolate Boxes

Maison Le Roux is constantly researching new ideas whether in the selection of coating chocolates or the choice of the very finest, the delicate Criollo and Trinitario cocoas or the strong African Foresteros. Traditional size box! Available in 5 sizes from 250g to 1kg. Preservation: 3 weeks


Christmas Treats

Our delicious Christmas Treats chocolate is available in 100g bag, Dark/Milk assortment. • Dark Chocolate • Milk chocolate • Dark & Milk assortment


Christmas Truffles

Crack for our Christmas truffles: a delicious ganache delicately coated with cocoa. Preservation: 3 weeks


'Vert Galant' Box

(Re)Discover the "Vert Galant" in this special box: A glazed ginger coated with dark chocolate and pistachios from Iran. Preservation: 3 weeks


'Ch'tou' Box

A special box if you're crazy about "Ch'tou"! A soft toffee with Lambig (Breton apple brandy) in a dark chocolate shell. A real Breton spirit in this chocolate! Preservation: 3 weeks


8 'Rochers' Box

A fondant and crunchy praline with almonds and hazelnuts! Don't miss this classic refined by Maison Le Roux! The box is available in dark chocolate only, dark and milk chocolate or milk only. Net weight: 110g. Preservation: 3 weeks


Dark Chocolate Bars

THE MAGIC OF the COCOALike great winemaking, we gather cocoas specially selected from different origins (Vietnam, Madagascar, Brazil...). You will travel to these shores by tasting, these very pure and intense bars. There will certainly be one who will beguile and enchant you! Net weight: 80g....