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The Glazed Chestnuts

For the perfection of it … Everything has to be softly made: after a peeling by hand, the big "Turin" of Piemont are delicately candied in a syrup flavored in Bourbon vanilla pods, before being drained then glazed. The trick is to have been able to keep the tenderness of the chestnut by adding...


Gourmet Pearls

Indulge yourself to a gourmet break with these deliciously gourmet pearls. Which ones will you fall for?


T By Ladurée Tea - Limited Edition 2020 Sweet Jungle

Immerse yourself in the sweet flavours of winter with the tea by Ladurée Sweet Jungle Limited Edition 2020.  A tasty and gourmet tea that will transport you to the Amazon jungle. It is composed of Genmaicha, Matcha, Cocoa, Barley Maltese, Coconut pieces, Carob, Caramel and Biscuit.  For a subtle,...


T by Ladurée - Infusions Collection

A selection of the tastiest and most fragrant herbal infusions. Verbena Infusion: A comforting Verbena infusion, ideal for the end of a meal. Chamomile Infusion: A calming infusion with Chamomile, a delicious remedy against stress and restless nights. Reverie Infusion: An infusion composed of...


T By Ladurée - Gourmet Tea Collection

A sweet envy ? Our selection of Gourmet Teas to satisfy your sweet tooth without making you feel guilty! Caramel Black Tea: A gourmet tea that goes perfectly with the sweet pause of a delicious snack. It is composed of a black tea from India, China and Ceylon, with a caramel flavor sprinkled with...


T by Ladurée - Classic Tea Collection

The essential and timeless teas...Earl Grey Rose Green Tea: An elegant, feminine tea for a great classic revisited. It is composed of green tea from China, bergamot essential oil and rose aroma. Darjeeling Black Tea: A clever blend of different Darjeeling gardens located in the foothills of the...