Assorted Caramels Metal box

Henri Le Roux designs caramels according to the seasons! Diable rose, Orange-Ginger, tea, chocolate, raspberry, buckwheat, Pina colada, Hazelnut-coffee, Yuzu Macha, the famous CBS and our Spring/Summer collection: Pineapple-Pink peppercorns, lime, Diable Rose and Timur Pepper strawberry…

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For a delicious gift, this elegant and chic box will protect our precious caramels...

Maison Le Roux designs caramels according to the seasons! Diable rose, Orange-Ginger, tea, chocolate, raspberry, buckwheat, Pina colada, Hazelnut-coffee, Yuzu Macha, the famous CBS and our Spring/Summer collection: Pineapple-Pink peppercorns, lime and Timur Pepper strawberry. Assortments depend on the season.

As our production is home-made, the composition of caramel assortments may vary according to availability and seasons.

You can request your personal assortment (for instance one flavour only) directly from our shops, by phone + 33 (0)2 97 50 06 83 or by email.

assorted caramels available all year long

C.B.S.® (Salted Butter Caramel)

A tender marriage between salted butter and caramel prolonged with a last and delicate nuts and almonds crunchy… Our proud!

Le Caramel Blé noir

Blé noir (buckwheat)

A Breton authentic harmony...

Le Caramel café noisette

Café noisette (coffee and hazelnut)

In collaboration with the Brûlerie Caron, founded in 1974 and  awarded« Best Coffee Roaster in France » in 2011, this new caramel « Coffee and Nut » combine Brûlerie Caron’s Arabica coffee with Piemont hazelnuts.  A perfect harmony between coffee and a meticulous dose of the hazelnuts, essential ingredient of our C.B.S.®.

Le Caramel orange gingembre

Orange & gingembre (orange & ginger)

Delicate and subtle, orange and ginger, are dancing on your taste buds...

Le Caramel chocolat amer

Chocolat amer (bitter chocolate)

The power of chocolate with the finesse of the caramel.

Le Caramel au thé

Thé (tea)

With "Mélange des Seigneurs" tea infusion from Dammann Frères. A delicate aroma with an intense and perfumed  savour.

Le Caramel framboise

Framboise (raspberry)

The raspberry and caramel : a light and subtle moment!

Le Caramel yuzu macha

Yuzu Macha

A caramel flavoured with matcha green tea and yuzu (a japanese citrus)...

FALL/WINTEr seasonal assorted caramels
Caramel Tatin à la pomme caramélisée Henri Le Roux

Tatin (caramelized apples)

Caramel with lemon zest, slightly acid.

Caramels assortis Griotte Cardamone Henri Le Roux

Morello cherry cardamom

Morelly cherry powerful taste reveals in this autumn caramel. Cardamom adds a touch of exotism.

Caramels assortis cassis Henri Le Roux


Caramel softens the power of blackcurrant,and lets fully express its deep and secret aroma!

Caramel assorti Sésme noir Henri Le Roux

Sésame noir

Perfect union, with a rich character, combining black sesam from Japan and "fleur de sel" (salt) from Guérande.

spring/summer seasonal assorted caramels
Le Caramel citron jaune

Citron jaune (Yellow lemon - available only in summer)

With lemon zest, refreshing and deliciously tangy.

Le Caramel citron vert

Citron vert (lime)

A fruity and powerful flavour...

Le Caramel fraise poivre timut

Fraise poivre Timut (strawberry with Timur pepper)

The Timur Pepper from nepal, a treasure of taste, is a small spicy peppercorn characterized by its citrus notes, pairs with sweetness the fruity aroma of strawberry.

Le Caramel Diable Rose banane framboise passion

Diable rose

Taste the freshness of exotic fruits: banana, raspberry and passion.

Le Caramel ananas baiesroses

Ananas baies roses (pineapple with pink peppercorns)

Just savour it for its originality.

Le Caramel pina colada

Pina colada (available only in summer)

Rum, pineapple and coconut flavoured caramel.

Serving suggestions

Taste our caramels as quickly as possible after their purchase: the quicker they are consumed after making, the more unctuous and fondant.


Beware! Preservation: 1 month
Chocolates and caramels are fragile... Don’t wait to enjoy them, they won’t last for ever! Avoid temperature variation. The ideal for preservation is between 14° and 18°C, and between 20° and 22°C for tasting. Remove them from any heat source and humidity. Never put in a fridge - the cold and the odours are damaging...


C.B.S.® and assorted caramels: sugar, CREAM, glucose syrup, BUTTER, LACTOSE, fruit puree (fruits and or juice : pineapple, strawberry, cranberries, lime, lemon, cherry, raspberry, passion, blackcurrant, orange, coconut, pear, sugar, antioxidant: ascorbic acid E300, acidifier : citric acid E330, fruit juices (orange, lemon, lime), fruits (strawberry, coconut, apple, banana, pineapple, cherry, pear (pear, antioxidant: ascorbic acid E300), raspberry, yuzu), cocoa butter, cocoa paste, candied orange (orange, sugar, glucose syrup), buckwheat, MILK, inverted sugar, tea, HAZELNUT, ALMOND, SESAME, coffee, salt, ginger, lemon zests, NUT, gellant: pectin E440i, rum, dark chocolate (cocoa bean, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: SOYA lecithin, natural vanilla extract), spices, antioxidant: citric acid E330, essential oil of orange.

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information per 100g

Energy Fat of which saturates Glucides of which sugars Proteins Salt
1434 Kj / 342 Kcal 14 g 9,1 g 51 g 44 g 1,1 g 0,27 g