Les Connoisseurs - Mini Menhirs

VAT included

An exploration of tastes and aromas ...

... including 4 novelties for Connoisseurs de Bretagne: the EDDU Brocéliande Whisky from the Menhirs Distillery and the Lambig de Bretagne from the Warenghem Distillery. This tasting could not be complete without the Mount Gay Rum and an exceptional Cognac Fine Champagne that bring a rare complexity to the slightly runny base of Caramel with Salty Butter, a great classic of the Maison Le Roux.. 

1- Caramel Salted Butter worked with Whiskey Eddu Grey Rock Broceliande with notes of Ginger Bread. Distillery of Menhirs, Brittany - Black - GOLD

2 - The crumbled taste of childhood, melting under the palate like a comforting four-hour Crepe Dentelle and Feuillantine. Piedmont hazelnut - Milk - Praline

3 - The balance of Salty Butter Caramel combined with Fine Champagne with aromatic richness giving a floral notes in the mouth. The exceptional Cognac Remy Martin - Milk - BRONZE

4 - The bitterness of Cocoa played in counterpoint by the sweetness of Praliné à l'Ancienne. Almond of Provence and Hazelnut of Piedmont - Black - Praliné 

5 - A runny caramel paired with notes of Rum aged in traditional oak barrels, lightly toasted. Mount Gay, Barbados Caribbean - Black - COPPER

6 - Vanilla Dripping Caramel Enhanced by Fleur de Sel de Bretagne - Vanilla Salted Butter Caramel - Guérande Salt, Vanilla from Madagascar  

7 - Salted Butter Caramel blends with the fruity notes of Lambig. A fresh apple flavor with a woody taste. Cider Brandy, Warenghem Distillery, Brittany - Milk - SILVER

Net Weight 207g - The 14 Mini-menhirs Box and Sleeve


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