Grand Cru Egg with Fries - Dark Mik - 250g

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Grand Cru Egg with Caramelized Almonds

The Art of Chocolate, enhanced by caramelized and crunchy almonds… An Easter egg garnished with festive fries that invites you on a journey. With the selection of two Grands Crus:

. Grand Cru São Tomé, 75% Dark: a powerful, full-bodied Dark Chocolate rich in fruity aromas. These cocoa beans, from organic farming, give a persistent and complex mouth length. A recognizable signature of "Chocolate Island", the sweet nickname of São Tomé and Principe.

. Grand Cru Dominican Republic, Milk BAHIBE 46%: notes of ripe fruit combined with a high cocoa content expressing the softness of a lush vegetation lulled by powerful waterfalls. This exceptional chocolate is grown with the principle of sustainable agroforestry, helping to preserve the planet and diversify the incomes of producers.


Weight: 250g

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Grand Cru Egg with Fries -...