Chocolate Advent Calendar Refill: a Box full of Surprises

VAT included

For those who kept their Calendar from last year,
or the food lovers ones that could not have waited the 1st December,
or there are many little goblinswho are not satisfied with only one window at a time…

120g chocolates+70g caramels - Refill/Box of Surprises – 22€

Details of the assortment:
Window 1: Chocolate(Ganaka) x1
Window 2: Praline Caramelized Almonds and Hazelnuts x2
Window 3: Caramel CBS®x1
Window 4: Buckwheat x1
Window 5: Chocolate (Janou) x1
Window 6: Vanilla marshmallowx1
Window 7: Chocolate Caramelx1
Window 8: Chocolate (Soizig) x1
Window 9: Dark ChocolateCaramelized Hazelnut x2
Window 10: Chocolate (Dauphinois) x1
Window 11: CoveredCaramel CBS® x1
Window 12: Chocolate (Praline à l'Ancienne)x1
Window 13: Coffee and Hazelnut Caramelx1
Window 14: Chocolate (Yannick) x1
Window 15: Chocolate (Ganaka) x1
Window 16: Raspberry marshmallow x1
Window 17: Dark Chocolate Caramelized Almonds x2
Window 18: Black wheat Caramelx1
Window 19: Chocolate (Noisetine)x1
Window 20: Cocoa marshmallowx1
Window 21: Buckwheat x1
Window 22: Chocolate Caramelx1
Window 23: Caramelized Hazelnuts and Almonds (1 of each)
Window 24: Chocolate (Rocher Lait)x1


Chocolate Advent Calendar...