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Les Connoisseurs - Mini Menhirs

An exploration of tastes and aromas ... ... including 4 novelties for Connoisseurs de Bretagne: the EDDU Brocéliande Whisky from the Menhirs Distillery and the Lambig de Bretagne from the Warenghem Distillery. This tasting could not be complete without the Mount Gay Rum and an exceptional Cognac...


La Réglette Quiberon

On the occasion of Father’s Day, a Limited Edition, 3 new Dark Chocolate express all the authenticity of the Breton terroir. Whisky Blé Noir - The terroir of Armorique is expressed by the marriage of Whisky and Buckwheat, giving this particular taste of hazelnut (6 pieces)Lambig apple - Fresh...


Saint-Pierre fish

A generous Poisson exploring a palette of 7 original compositions with irresistible flavors:. 1 piece Chocolate Milk and Roasted Sicilian Pistachio with intense taste. 1 piece Ivory Chocolate with milky flavour combined with Caramelized Almond Sticks. 1 piece, Dark Chocolate and Roasted...


Réglette CBS®

Brittany Salted Butter Caramel (CBS®) wrapped in Bitter Dark Chocolate, intense extra-fine. A gourmet alliance that will accompany with ecstasy an espresso with a full-bodied aroma Net weight 110g -  25 pieces


Gift Box

. Les Connoisseurs Set - 14 Mini Menhirs - 207g . Caramelier® pot - 200g . Désir de Rivage Box - 22 Chocolates - 150g . Réglette Quiberon - 16 Chocolates - 100g . Dark Chocolate Bar Force 8 - 80g


Mini Menhirs - Les Classiques

An exclusive creation by Maison Le Roux. Delicious bites of chocolate in the shape of Menhirs. The specific selectionof colour, texture and taste for each Mini Menhir invites us to escape to some mysterious and farawaycountries. Assortment of 7 Mini Menhirs :1. Salted Butter Caramel and...